Collection: ALICE DUCK

Duck Ceramics is an independent pottery studio run by me, Alice Duck. Originally founded in a small attic room in my Bristol flat, I now make and finish each piece by hand in my Brighton studio.

The technique I use is called slip casting. Commercially this process is used, along with machines to reproduce identical copies of one design, churning out hundreds of 'perfect' duplicates. There is something satisfying about imitating the machine - but with the ability to make every product individual.

The moulds I design split into two pieces giving me the ability to combine different coloured porcelain clays to define the shape of pot. Each piece is made up of a minimum of three individually tinted clays that I have poured into a mould one after the other to create a skin of colour. The interior of each piece is glazed to make it water tight but the outside is left unglazed and sanded twice to give it a soft matt finish, contrasting nicely to the glossy interior.

Simplicity and function are at the core of the work I make, each piece has been designed to be used and loved every day, whether that’s for a strong coffee to get going in the morning or a desk mate to store your favourite stationery.