Featured Artist - Marko AKA Mark Wheatley



What is your name or artist pseudonym?

Mark Wheatley AKA Marko

How would you describe your practice? 

Play is the most important aspect of my practice. I enjoyed working with different materials, wood, clay, paper, collage, exploring shape, colour, form and composition, it’s about trusting your intuition and learning to let go. I am constantly looking at things and making a mental note of visual ideas, forms, colour combinations and compositions. I am always drawing and collecting images and objects.

Do you have some of your artwork examples you could share with us?




You can see some of my work on my website and Instagram


Instagram @markozines

What/ who are your artistic inspirations?

I get inspired by things that take me by surprise, it might be a painting, film, textiles, object, anything really but it usually has an element of mystery, I tend to like things that don’t make sense. I have eclectic interests including, plants, architecture, textiles, outsider art, eastern European film posters, graffiti the list goes on…

Do you have any interests outside of art and design?

I like running, going to the cinema, cooking and collecting house plants.

Do you have any plans/ideas for thinks you would love to do in the future?

I would like to have a solo show combining different aspects of my practice, 

to expand my work through installation, creating a completely immersive Marko environment.



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