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What is your name or artist pseudonym?

My name is Joe Rogers however all my work goes under the name of Colourbox Studio.

How would you describe your practice?

I studied as an illustrator and worked as a professional illustrator for a few years. I grew disillusioned in the industry so started working myself, creating my work to sell. This came under many guises, print, collage, fabric, and also ceramics. For the past few years my artwork has mainly been focused on ceramics. It is a practice in which I can explore shape and form. A development from my 2D work, I like to explore shape and pattern in my work. I would describe my work as bold and bright. I an colour blind so I find primary colours the most satisfying to my eye. Shades of colour, not so much!

Do you have some of your artwork examples you could share with us?


Shop Colourbox Studio




What/ who are your artistic inspirations?

I get a lot of inspiration from many places, buildings, and the natural world, however some of the artists whose work I admire are: Matisse, I have always loved his collages and use of colour and form.

Do you have any interests outside of art and design?

Yes I love music, IDM, Techno and alternative abstractive music and ambient. I make mixes for my local radio station, Margate radio. These are usually a mix of all these genres and more. These mixes can be found at: https://margateradio.co.uk/colourbox-studio

 You co-own the Asobi shop, do you have a top 5 products in the shop?

As the co-owner of the shop I obviously like all the products we sell, but if I had to pick I would pick:

  1. Urban Geometry Book
  2. Triadac Pen
  3. Corkcicle Water Bottle
  4. Hooman Dog Toy
  5. Stack Candles

What items would you like to sell in the shop in the future?

We have a list of products that we would love to sell in the shop in the future. However I would love it if we could develop the brand and create more Asobi designed products in the future!



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